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Sony BDP-S185

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Sony BDP-S185

19 April 2012
  • Ergebnis: Die Bedienung des SonyBDP-S185, sein Angebot an Internetdiensten mit Videotheken sowie Bild- und Tonqualität entsprechen der größerer Sony-Player.
  • Pro: Kompakte Größe, Viele Internetfunktionen
  • Kontra: Kein Anzeigefeld, Lange Wartezeit, bis der Player abspielbereit ist
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Home Theater Reviews
21 März 2013
  • Ergebnis: All in all, I was quite impressed the BDP-S185 for the money. It's a nice little budget player that would make a great addition to a secondary TV, especially if you're already thinking about adding a streaming media player to said TV. For a price equal to or less than many dedicated streaming media players, the BDP-S185 gives you most of the same big-ticket Web services and adds a good-performing Blu-ray player to boot.
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Funktionen 8
Benutzerfreundlichkeit 8
Leistung 8

Sony Blu-ray Starter Pack BDP-S185

11 Juni 2012
  • Zusammenfassung: Blu-ray movies always seem to carry a premium over the normal DVD version, so making the leap means first a new player and then to get the best from it, buying Blu-ray movies, Sony here offer a starter pack of a Blu-ray unit with eight Blu-ray movies.
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Sony BDP-S185 review

18 April 2012
  • Exzerpt: Sony’s BDP-S185 is an affordable, ridiculously compact Blu-ray player with full ‘net functionality. Just 290mm wide, principally because it uses an outboard power brick, it’s being promoted both as space-saving and energy efficient. This is home theatre for eco warriors on a budget. One thing’s for certain: the BDP-S185 is cute. Also available in silver, this diminutive deck has a slick brushed-aluminium exterior, gently sloping roof, and stubby little remote control.
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Sony BDP-S185

What Hi-Fi?
19 Oktober 2011
  • Zusammenfassung: The affordable, streamlined Sony is a fine budget option for a second room
  • Pro: Compact size, streaming via Bravia Internet Video, solid picture performance
  • Kontra: No display, sounds a tad insubstantial, no 3D or SACD playback or DLNA
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