Toshiba BDX1250
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Toshiba BDX1250

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Toshiba BDX1250 review

Home Cinema Choice
14 März 2012
  • Exzerpt: Toshiba’s BDX1250 is designed to appeal to those making their first timid steps from standard-def DVD to hi-def Blu-ray. No shame in that, except it has to compete with plenty of other decks (including Sony’s BDP-S185 and Panasonic’s DMP-BD75 ) that are all taking the same approach.
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Toshiba BDX1250

Trusted Reviews
24 Oktober 2011
  • Zusammenfassung: We find out if Toshiba’s latest budget Blu-ray deck can cut it with the big boys…
  • Pro: Superb pictures, Easy to use, Good digital music format support
  • Kontra: Remote, Features not commensurate with price, Few connections, No DivX support
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