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Toshiba BDX3200

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Super Player und das zum günstigen Preis

velsatis177, eBay.de
5 November 2013
  • Zusammenfassung: Schöner, flacher und günstiger Blu-Ray Player. Einfach zu bedienen (u. a. Fernseher schaltet sich automatisch mit ein, sobald der Player eingeschaltet, bzw. eine DVD/CD gestartet wird). 3 D Filme sehen spitze aus. Würde ihn jederzeit wieder kaufen.
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A basic, but good quality 3D Blu Ray player

Radusiq, Dooyoo
4 Oktober 2012
  • Exzerpt: Let me start with a quick note - I'm (obviously) a woman, and so this review will be written from woman's perspective, please don't stone me for not stating all the technical details, if I didn't mention them, that means I don't really care about them. We have owned a 3D TV for some months, however we were putting off buying a Blu Ray Player for a while, waiting for a good promotion as we were in no hurry.
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Good 3D BD player, but requires 3D TV.

GrayWizard, Dooyoo
13 Februar 2012
  • Exzerpt: The Toshiba BDX3200 can be bought at around £120 to £140 price mark. High street prices are much higher so I decided to buy from Amazon. I have to admit though, I am not really a fan of this 3D TV thing. First of all you will need a 3D TV to view 3D movies - so unless you have one, this is really not for you as it is a lot pricier than the normal blue ray players.
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More of a 3.5 than a 3, but a few areas it could improve upon....Good value however!

NinjaBaz, Dooyoo
14 Dezember 2011
  • Exzerpt: The Toshiba BDX3200 is a 3D ready Blu-Ray player that currently retails at around £110 (December 2011). **Contents/Initial Thoughts** The box contains nothing more than what you'd expect really, the player itself, a basic instructions/setup booklet, the remote and some cheap batteries. The BDX3200 is easy to setup, power cable plugged into the mains and HDMI cable from player to TV and there you have it.
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