Philips Primea Cappuccino Touch Plus
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Philips Primea Cappuccino Touch Plus

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Review: Saeco Primea Cappuccino Touch Plus

29 Januar 2008
  • Exzerpt: The excess amount of plastic makes this machine look cheap-surprising since it costs almost three grand. Chintzy building materials aside, the Primea is infused with a ton of tech.
  • Pro: Touch screen makes for ultimate geeky coffee making experience. UI is intuitive and not at all confusing. Good crema and hands down the best espresso shot. Good variety of preset coffee drinks for the more serious (or pretentious) coffee connoisseur. Front dial quickly adjusts coffee strength.
  • Kontra: Machine often screws up fancy drinks. Milk gets clogged in machine and needs to be constantly cleaned out. You will spend hours upon hours reading the f-ing manual.
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