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D-Link DCS 2210

Full High Definition Megapixel sensor (1080p) Power over Eth Mehr lesen

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They are ok

PJDSR, Amazon
24 Juni 2014
  • Zusammenfassung: Don't believe the PTZ part, note it says ePTZ? That means the camera won't move, it will just zoom in on an area which you ask it too. Propritary software and again, you HAVE TO assign every camera a USERNAME and DIFFERENT password. Bad software.
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Great Customer Service

GN, B&H Photo
27 Mai 2014
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Great camera for the price!!

Michael Portolese, Amazon
27 Oktober 2013
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Really good. Best value when considering picture/features/price

Cuylar, Amazon
18 Oktober 2013
  • Zusammenfassung: Pros: - Great picture quality - VERY easy to set up. - Very easy to control - Mic is very sensitive Cons: - Web interface is VERY different when comparing PC (Using Internet Explorer) to any other browser. Mac is missing features because the activex won't install due to the browser choices. - When flipping between daytime and nighttime there is an audible click. - The IR light glows red and is visible in low light.
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D-Link DCS-2210

Владимир Коломиец, Rozetka
13 Juli 2013
  • Ergebnis: Поставил в 2 магазина по такой камере. Сразу перепрошил на новую прошивку. Беру поток rtsp и выдаю на web-портал (онлайн вещание для руководства)+ изображения кидаются на удаленный ftp-сервер который в конце дня с помощью mencoder делает видео-файл за день. Стоят камеры месяц. Пока стабильно. Тьфу-тьфу-тьфу...
  • Pro: Хорошее качество видео
  • Kontra: хлипкое крепление
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Impressive night vision

Jim the Runner, B&H Photo
17 Februar 2013
  • Exzerpt: I bought it for the power over ethernet, but ended up getting usable night vision capability. Our use is inside one smaller indoor room. There can be a 2-3 second lag before the image appears on the browser depending on codec or "video channel" which I didn't expect. Still learning all the features & how best we will use this capabable camera in our home network.
  • Pro: Easy to Use, Good in Low Light, Many Options Features
  • Kontra: Complicated To Optimize
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