Optoma HD65
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Optoma HD65

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Optoma ThemeScene HD65

CHIP online
26 Juni 2013

Optoma HD65 DLP HD Projector Rocks

Personal Electronics buzz
11 August 2009
  • Exzerpt: The Optoma company has been in the projector business a while. This model teams up with Texas Instruments DLP to produce an economical DLP projector that is perfect color and clarity. If you are on a budget as I am this model runs less than $1,000.
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Optoma HD65 Home Theater Projector Review

Projector reviews
22 Mai 2008
  • Ergebnis: Click to enlarge. So close.I’m getting rather repetitive. This BenQ always impresses overall. Good color accuracy, very good black levels, great shadow detail, and a really sharp image, provide a great overall viewing experience.
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超便宜Optoma HD65高画质投影机评测

19 Februar 2008
  • Ergebnis: HD65 DVD效果和评测总结 接下来,让我们换上DVD影片来测试看看吧!这次测试的影片为蜘蛛女 克丝汀邓斯特主演的凡尔赛拜金女,为什么选择这一片?凡尔赛拜金女这片原版DVD为HDTV格式,正好来测试看看! 拉近拍大头特写,画质真的是比老头跟太座大人之前用DV10来看好上不少啊!酷波大更明确的指出,这是因为接VGA用NB播放,还糟蹋了点HD65的表现。如果是接上他家的PS3透过HDMI呈现....那还不飞上了天?这...
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Optoma HD65 review

TechRadar UK
12 Februar 2008
  • Zusammenfassung: Want a projector small enough to tuck under you arm?
  • Pro: Impressive spec sheet, Sharp image, Generally bright, Fantastically dinky
  • Kontra: Noisy fan, Visible DLP rainbow effect
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