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Crysis 2

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Totally engrossing Game. It doesn't get much better!

Robert Badgley, Amazon
31 Januar 2012
  • Zusammenfassung: Crysis 2 is a totally engrossing and submersive game that will have you glued to your monitor for ever how long it takes to complete...and still it will leave you begging for more.I have never played the original Crysis,so I cannot compare the two products,as in one is better than the other.I have always been a FPS lover though and this FPS/RPG game gets top marks all the way.
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"Yaaaa much better then the last game and supports 3D"

nailzz, CNET
30 Januar 2012
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semplicemente fantastico

Nemesi_02, Ciao
21 Januar 2012
  • Exzerpt: Crysis 2 è il terzo capitolo (anche se porta il nome "2") della serie Crysis, gioco sparatutto in prima persona uscito in primavere dello scorso 2011. L'ambientazione, rispetto ai primi due capitoli della saga, ci porta a percorrere le strade e sobborghi ...
  • Pro: giocabilità
  • Kontra: necessita di un buon hardware
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What happend to my Crysis?

Keji Goto the Nerf Herder, Amazon
12 Januar 2012
  • Zusammenfassung: I walked away from the original Crysis fairly impressed and eagerly looking forward to jumping into the sequel to see what else developer Crytek could come up with. What I found was a game that had nearly everything I loved about Crysis either removed or changed in a way that took enjoyment out of the experience.
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Crysis 2 for PC - Very good - much better than I anticipated

bokebos, Ebay
9 Januar 2012
  • Zusammenfassung: I had some reservations when I first decided to obtain this game. I have the original Crysis and Crysis Warhead and after reading about the stiff hardware requirements of this edition, I had some doubts. But, I decided to take a chance. I am NOT disappointed. I use a 17 inch gaming laptop (1.8 core 2 duo, single 8800M GTS graphics, 4 GB memory, etc) and so far, no problems. Very smooth with supurb graphics, storyline, and so immersive it is hard to stop playing.
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One of the Best Games I've Played

Amazon Customer, Amazon
5 Januar 2012
  • Zusammenfassung: I don't write too many reviews. And I'm likely not considered a hard core gamer, but I do play games and I know what I like. And I like Crysis 2 very, very much. The graphics, gameplay and story line are great! Some have complained about the videos and cut scenes, but I think they add a lot to the story. I only played single campaigns, as I don't play well with others, but the single play has been absorbing and entertaining.
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Extremely fun in Co-op

Brett Wetherbee, Amazon
17 Dezember 2011
  • Zusammenfassung: While I believe that this is the weakest title in the fear series with storyline and scares, I find this game incredibly fun with a friend in co-op. Even though I have played through the game multiple times I still find it very fun. Single player is a little lackluster because all it is is running forward, taking cover and shooting enemies.
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12 Dezember 2011
  • Exzerpt: En mi opinion este juego combina lo mejor de los videojuegos : accion, suspenso, grandes habilidades del personaje, ficcion, excelentes armas y vehiculos , enemigos poderosos y con muchas habilidades ademas de excelentes graficos. Cuenta con una gran jugabilidad y podras poner a prueba tu punteria y estrategia de combate ya que cuenta con opciones tácticas en las que puedes usar cosas y lugares del escenario donde estes para crear un gran ataque y ser certero y...
  • Pro: excelentes graficos y sonido, gran jugabilidad
  • Kontra: necesitas un buen compu  chequea los requerimientos antes de elegir
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I hate this game, lbvfs.

nsbaxter1, Ebay
6 Dezember 2011
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A flawed, yet epic change of scenery

Derek Draven, Amazon
21 November 2011
  • Zusammenfassung: CRYSIS is a name synonymous with heavy computational horsepower. The original Crysis was released for the PC platform in 2007 and could not be run by 3/4 of home computers at the time on anything but the lowest settings. Early implementation of DirectX 10 technologies made running Crysis a beautiful, yet very difficult experience. Framerates rarely rose above 25FPS even on 2009/2010-era hardware.
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